Threefold started with the coming together of ambitious young professionals, who had been working in the event industry for a combined management experience of over two decades. They felt that they could organise the best in class conferences and exhibitions in the industry and decided to put their time, efforts and money to turn that idea into a reality.

Our Work Philosophy

Do or Do Not. There is no Try.

Master Yoda

At Threefold, we do not believe in doing things halfheartedly. When our clients entrust us with their time, money and faith, we make sure that we deliver a successful event for them. We ensure that our clients leave the event with a smile on their face and a lot of business deals in hand.  

How do we do it

We believe in doing things differently and infusing best practices from across sectors into the event space. We like to challenge ourselves and deliver business opportunities to our clients so that they can successfully achieve their goals.


Some of our best practices:

Data Driven
We believe that data is central to how modern businesses should function and therefore data lies at the heart of everything that we do
Research Driven
Every aspect of our event is backed by thorough research, delivering you the maximum value for every minute you spend on the event floor
Extensive Experience
The team behind Threefold has over two decades of relevant experience, delivering successful events across sectors
Focussed Segmented Marketing
Multi channel focussed messages with defined customer personas are sent to the right target audience instead of blanket marketing
Relationship Based
Our customer retention strategies are based on forging personal relationships and delivering personalised experiences to our customers
Curated Content
We discover, gather and present the most up to date relevant content for the attendees

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